Massage Package Specials

Massage Package Specials
Massage package specials

Massage Package Specials

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5 Sessions

10 Sessions

50 min

$69 each – $345

$66 each –  $660

80 min

$109 each –  $545

$106 each – $1,060

110 min

$135 each – $675

$132 each – $1,320

* Hot Stones & Lymphatic Drainage are excluded.

Loyalty Discounts

(visits within 30 days of your last appointment)

50-min Massage: $70 ($85 VALUE)
     80-min Massage: $110 ($125 VALUE)
   110-min Massage: $140 ($170 VALUE)

~ No membership obligations! Free like a bird! ~

Upgrade to Specialty Massages

Hot Stones:  50-min (add $20)     |      80-min (add $30)    |     110-min (add $40)
Lymphatic Drainage:   50-min (add $30)     |     80-min (add $45)     |     110-min (add $60)
Aromatherapy:  Add on to enhance any massage, any duration (add $10)
CBD Oil:  Add on to enhance any massage, any duration (add $30)

Prenatal Packages

Let us be there for you during this very special time in your life. Many people think of massage as a special treat. Of course, it can be, but there is a reason they have earned the title, “therapist”. Pregnancy massage requires specialized training and medical knowledge. Through each trimester, as your body changes to prepare for the baby, our massage therapists, (many who are mothers themselves) will personalize your massage. You will have a brief consultation where we will address pain in muscles, feet, and joints, and facilitate the overall relaxation your hard-working body deserves! Notes will be taken and reviewed to follow your package plan. Our highly experienced massage therapists will provide you with a calm, relaxing experience and we will all celebrate you every step of the way!

Maternity Mondays
One 50-min Prenatal Massage
$70 ($85 VALUE)

3 Trimester Package
One 50-min Prenatal Massage for each trimester for a total of 3, and one Postnatal Massage.
$260 ($350 VALUE)

The Total Package
One 50-min Maternity Massage per week of your pregnancy, and three Postnatal Massages, or Massage of your choice.
A purchase of 10 required for discount.

*Massages carry over and may be used at any time during or after pregnancy, and unused may be gifted.
$600 for 10 required, keep the discount of $60 per massage throughout your pregnancy. ($850 VALUE)

Add A Nap!
Take some needed quiet time for you and baby. Add on to your massage, or book separately.
Must schedule prior to appointment. $1 per minute. Take as long as you’d like!