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Deep Tissue:
The best style for relieving day-to-day stress and anxiety. This massage relaxes the muscles and improves blood flow by using a slower deeper stroke to relieve muscular tension. Often, the therapist’s focus tends to be more “muscle specific” in resolving chronic conditions or overuse syndrome.

Your massage therapist will concentrate his or her skills on the feet to ease pain, promote relaxation, improve circulation and health. This type of massage is based on a system of points on the feet believed to correspond, or “reflex” to specific areas of the body.

Thai Massage:
Thai bodywork system is designed to release tension and improve vitality by applying pressure along the body’s energy pathways. It uses slow rhythmic pressing (with fingers, thumbs, hands, forearms, elbows and feet), as well as stretching with gentle rocking motions.

Pregnancy Massage:
Nothing spells relief to the expecting mother like a caring and soothing massage! Great for those tired and sore low back muscles and swollen legs. Our therapists have received special training and are qualified to give prenatal massage. Because “positioning” is so important, the expecting mother will be lying comfortably with extra pillows to support her where she needs it most. Additionally, we have specialized pregnancy tables designed to maximize comfort and well-being of both the mother and baby!

Sports Massage:
The most beneficial for the serious athlete. The therapist combines both deep tissue and firm Swedish. The deep work focuses on the muscles related to the client’s athletic activity. The vigorous Swedish strokes help reduce “next day” soreness in overworked muscles and rid the body of lactic acid build-up. This will not only enhance endurance and performance, but will reduce the recovery time following injury.

Hot Stones:
A specialized technique that places smooth, heated basalt stones on specific acupressure points on the body to help “melt away” pain, stress, and muscle tension. Traditional strokes of Swedish massage are used as the heat from the stones help muscles release more quickly. Our therapists are specially trained in using a variety of polished stones for facial, back, hand & foot massage.

Swedish Massage:
This technique incorporates long and soothing strokes designed to improve blood flow, relieve tension, and put the body in a wonderful and peaceful state. This massage is “full body” and the pressure may vary from a lighter touch known as “pure relaxation”, to a stronger pressure referred to as “firm Swedish”.

**Combination Massage:
This is generally the most popular massage available. Combination techniques incorporate a “blend” of Deep Tissue and Swedish massage, for the purpose of treating certain areas of muscle tension or “spasms”, as well as general relaxing circulatory techniques used in the Swedish style.