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First Visit Massage Therapist


We are confident that you will be quite pleased with your experience at our facility.If you are visiting us for Massage, the (questionnaire) information you provide us, helps the massage therapist determine how to make your session the most beneficial and relaxing. If you have already seen the Doctor, your therapist will be aware of your specific needs or areas of complaint, ahead of time.

Expect a peaceful and comfortable environment for the massage. The rooms are spacious, and beautifully decorated with exotic artwork, our trademark bamboo ceilings, and specialized soft lighting. The massage is often accompanied by sounds of flowing water, along with relaxing music “all around you”.

The therapist will tailor your massage depending on your needs. General relaxation or stress reduction sessions usually include all the major areas of the body, while a session for a localized injury, pain, or tightness will be focused on a specific area.

It is possible to spend most of an entire session on only one area. Your therapist is also happy to modify the massage at any time during your session, with regard to pressure and location.

Your massage will include the application of a warm moist herbal towel, at the conclusion of your session.