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Physical Therapy

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Physical Therapy

We offer a complete variety of “modalities” beneficial to soft-tissue treatments.

These includes:

  • Ultrasound
  • Electric muscle stimulation
  • Hydrocollator packs (moist heat packs)
  • Intersegmental traction tables – prone and supine
  • Cryotherapy (ice application)

physical therapy

**Decompression therapy – our doctors use highly specialized articulating tables, which are beneficial to patients with specific types of lower-back problems, such as extreme stiffness or disc-related disorders.

Orthotics – in the event of certain foot-related problems, such as flat arches or cramping, the doctor will create customized shoe inserts, often available within one week.

Products – Our Center offers a variety of supplies to enhance your treatments. These may include therapeutic neck pillows, back supports (for your chair or car) and specialized braces.

Intersegmental traction “rolling” tables – as an additional services, we have an amazing table which acts as an automatic foam-roller, gently stretching your entire spine from top to bottom!

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