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About Us

Welcome to Rest & Relax BodyWorks!

As you look around, you will discover the true uniqueness of our facility. Clearly, our goal was to create the most nurturing environment for treating patients, leaning more towards a warm and comfortable ambience and less towards a clinical setting. We are here to offer you ”Rest and Relaxation”, just as our name suggests!

Rest & Relax Bodyworks

Dr. Fox
Massage and Treatment Center

Dr. Fox has been a practicing Chiropractic for over thirty years. The Massage and Treatment Center was inspired by Dr. Fox’s travels to many exotic islands of Southeast Asia, where he visited various tropical spas in Indonesia and Thailand. As you will discover, the artwork and beautiful bamboo designs are truly unique and enjoyable!

Whether you are interested in Chiropractic, Massage, Acupuncture or all of these, be assured that you will find your experience here to be a most pleasant and delightful one!
Remember to take some R & R, you deserve it!


Monday-Saturday : 9am-8pm
Sunday : 10am-8pm


Monday-Friday : 9am-8pm
Saturday : 10am-2pm
Call: (310) 479-1234.